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It begins with a short introductory scene where Arn a large man saves a couple of Muslim men against a ruthless robber somewhere in the Holy Land. Then we meet the little Arn Magnusson growing up as the son of Magnus and Sigrid farm Arnäs in current Västra Götaland. The time is 1100 century. It is a hard and harsh climate in the Nordic countries where different clans fighting for power. Arn belongs Folkunga family and the king named Erik Edwardsson . But it is not long before he was murdered on the church grounds and replaced by Karl from the sver –
kerska dynasty elected as the new king. One day accidentally Arn in an accident when he was chasing a raven with his older brother Eskil . To appease the gods he asks Sigrid and Magnus together and promises that if Arn survive they should give him ” your holy work, to be your servants on earth .” They pray in Latin, they are rich and educated people . Arn survives and is sent shortly thereafter , accompanied by his mother to Varnhems monastery to educate themselves in the service of God . The mother falls ill and dies at the monastery. During father Henry and brother Guilberts auspices trained Arn in Latin and reading. He learns fencing and shooting with the bow . He grows up to be a handsome young man and get the horse Desert Wind and a beautiful sword with the inscription In hoc signe Vinces – in this victory sign .

And one day he rescues a maiden in the forest from some pros following men . Arn kills two of them . Arn is now 18 years old and returning home to Arnäs gui – father his brother and father. ” I thought we ‘d lost you to the monks ,” sighs a happy Magnus . Much is new under the new king Sverker dynasty . And a dispute over a piece of land to be decided on Axvalla thing where Tingsfrid exists when different issues are addressed. But Magnus humiliated by sverkarnas Emund Ulvbane and forced challenge Emund . However Arn goes into his father’s place and down to the people the kids cheer Emund in a duel . On the way home go Arn past Pålsgården where he meets Cecilia Algotsdotter and her sister Catherine as a
Arn – The Knight Templar

What does the story of Arn Magnusson about Swedish history, about the time when Sweden became ? Jan Guillou’s three books about Arn has gone out in large numbers and read by hundreds of thousands of Swedes. In Västra Götaland pulls books droves of tourists to the places the book – and now film – depicts . An epic historical -res in a shattering 1100 ‘s, a time when the Kingdom of Sweden slowly began to rise up and become a nation . In addition, deals with topics which cultural differences and religious issues.
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Knight Templar (1999) As a high-ranking Templar sits Arn then 10 years as a castle lord in Gaza. He is well versed in Arab culture and also speaks Arabic. Arn de Gothia , as he is called , has after having saved his life , become good friends with sarace – nernas ( Muslim ) leader Saladin – a historical figure known for his integrity and sense of justice . Arn is experienced both victories and defeats and will be according as the years go witness to the power of intrigue, greed and incompetence tears apart the Christian leaders expressed that they lose control over the Holy Land 1187. Meanwhile, Arn expired and he begins the return trip to Sweden and Västra Götaland. In his luggage , he has a large sum of money , three chests full of gold coins given to him by his friend Saladin .
The Kingdom at Road’s End (2000) Arn returns in 1192 to the monastery in Varnhemsgatan with both Christian and Saracen craftsmen and doctors. He married Cecilia and they settle on the farm Forsvik that becomes a cultural center in the battle Arn for the purpose of creating peace between the warring lineages in West Bengal . With his wealth , he has been able to equip an army so strong that it can form a power base for a king from the Houses of Erik starter – while Arn and people kids are choosing to support them. Trade is flourishing , Arn and Cecilia get another child , daughter Alde . Their son Magnus marries Ingrid Ylva and they have a son ; Birger Magnusson. But the fighting flares up again and now the Danes in on the action . After a long and bitter struggle where Arn may use for all combat techniques he learned in the Holy Land is the final battle at Gestilren where Arns overpower tough – sweet. But Arn gets mortally wounded and on his deathbed he advises his son Birger moving to Svealand and build a new city ” like a lock for Mälaren ” and rule the kingdom away with the Swedes support. And ” was it that nothing else helped , you were well call the new kingdom of Svea den ” . And since Arn spoke with a slight Danish accent sounded in Bir – gers ears as Sweden .

In addition came in 2001, a sequel, Legacy of Arn ‘s about Birger Jarl , the grandson of Arn and his efforts to consolidate Sweden .
duced the film, also on an international launch in autumn 2009 where the two films are cut together into one . The videos were recorded in Västergötland , Morocco and Scotland. At the end of the summer , during the final process of editing and sound design of the film drew SVT from the project : they did not get the extra scenes promised for the upcoming TV series . There was talk also of the scenes that reason also spelled dissatisfaction with the cinematic quality small. TV4 went in and took over the SVT part of the financing. TV4 broadcast the series in six parts. Censorship In October the film the 15-year limit due in the monastery and sent to Gudhem where the abbess Rikissa control with iron hand . Even Arn banned and sent as a Knight Templar to the Holy Land to the name of God to fight against the ” godless ” or ” impure ” Muslims. Arn asks Cecilia to not release any vows and vows to someday get her. So we’re back to the film’s first scene . Arn is talking over a meal in a tent in the desert with the man he saved from the robbers , the Muslim leader Saladin . Arn has gained notoriety for his martial arts and his strategic mind and called Arn de Gothia . Despite their different religious beliefs , they develop a sort of friendship and ömsedig respect. The Christians have their registered office in Jerusalem which is under siege by Saladin and his troops .



Arn manages to extract his superior Torrojas appreciation for his plan on how Saladin must be defeated. And in the battle of Mont Gisard thwarts the Templars to the number of superior Muslim soldiers and Saladin realize defeat and beat a retreat. Now Arns botgöringstid expired and he can leave the Holy Land as a free man. Back home in Sweden Cecilia had a child in the convent, a son called Magnus , but which taken from her by the malevolent Rikissa . But in the same age Blanka , who is also Knuts fiancee, Cecilia finds a friend who brings comfort and hope. And then one day pop up at Arn Gudhems ports and draws its Cecilia .
Guillou’s books and the film Jan Guillou has written three books in the series about Arn . Hand -ment is briefly as follows .
The Road to Jerusalem (1998) Arn born in 1150 as son of Sigrid and Magnus , two affluent big farmers in West Bengal . Arn school in the monastery Varnhemsgatan where he learns cooking , fishing and various craft and participate in the various prayer session . But he also learns martial arts by French monks. 17 years old , he meets the love of Cecilia Algotsdotter as he does conceive. But because he had previously been linked to Cecilia’s sister Catherine sentenced Arn and Cecilia for 20 years of punishment. She was in the convent Gudhem he in God’s holy army . Although the passage of struggle between rival clans depicted , eg the murder of King Charles Sverkersson on Visingö . One of the book’s points is to show how the 1100 Century primi -tive Swedes took advantage of all the knowledge in various craft as well as in religious questions including Muslims – more from southern Europe brought with them into the country. So: impressions from other cultures built Sweden .

protracted violence ; ‘ throats are cut up “and” heads and limbs chopped off . ” SF then decided to cut off 52 seconds which led to the film was given an 11 -year limit , which secured the opportunity to reach a large audience since 15 – year limit is absolute and a family audience was in sight.
• Jan Guillou has on various occasions pointed out that he is in the books about Arn not only required to describe how Sweden grew out of the 1100 century political turmoil but also wanted to give an alternative view of Islam and the Arabic culture and give this obvious how Sweden since history’s dawn -ing developed and strengthened by the impulses of immigrants from different cultures. How visible this endeavor in the books – and how we notice it in the movie?
• Perceive students Arn as a great film of the Holly -wood model ? A comparable film could be Gladi -ator which had a budget of about 980 million where Arn costs as a fairly normal American mainstream film.
A part of Swedish history “From the beginning , I only needed a ‘ Swedish ‘ knights to through his eyes portray Christianity’s holy wars against Islam during the Crusades . Very quickly , I found him in that case ought to come from Västra Götaland and be born approximately 1150th There was a long study from Skara to Varnhemsgatan and Gudhem bail Aranas and Forshem Church and slagfäl -ten at Lena and Gestilren . soon, however, it was as if there was magic in the search and fantasizing , as Arn Magnusson , who I named after his supposed childhood home Aranas , had really existed . Or at least someone like him. For bail Aranas is built according to foreign models and the church in Forshem is built by the same people who built Aranas . and Forshems church is not dedicated to the Virgin Mary as almost all the churches in the this time , but God’s Grave . And God’s Tomb in Jerusalem guarded by Templars .
And in a stone relief of Forshem Master , we see an equestrian users who donate Church – and above him a temple knight’s cross ! In addition, the person or people who led kids and erikar to the winners at Lena and Gestilren against superpower Denmark have known how the fighting took place technically in the Holy Land. Both longbows and knights on horseback appears here for the first time in our history. Whoever built the church in Forshem , the one from the Holy Land come Home Templar , was the one who created the miraculous victories at Lena and Gestilren . Because we speak Swedish today and not Danish. Where was born Sweden . Arn Magnusson was then. He is the father of our nation . ” Order is Jan Guillou and have understood infuriated many . How cocky can you be when it comes to making claims to formulate what would be the linchpin in Swedish history ? On a chat at Aftonbladet in 2000, the following to read : the Honourable Roger says: ” how much is truth and how much is fiction trilogy about Arn ? ” Jan Guillou says : “Most people are historical persons and has existed. kings and military types are also historical truth . Men that Arn has been around , but we do not know who they were. “Little dimmed then. So when Guillou writes ,” He is our father of the nation “can probably be seen in a figurative sense , as a kind of symbolic figure which houses much of his time, skills and good sides . fact that there would have been a Swedish Templar lacking is evidence , although some researchers believe it is likely that there were upper-class people who joined the Pilgrimage Islands, or expeditions – Cross- brace is a much later concept. Crusades as a concept lives on in Middle East and referring to Saladin . example was greeted Yasser Ara- barrel as ” our time Saladin ” when he returned from Camp David and the agreement with Israel in 2000. and the state of Israel can sometimes be described in Arab media as a korsfarars – tat , done in Arabic ground of a Christian Occident . In the wake of Jan Guillou’s books about Arn indicate strong commercialization and a mythologizing of Arn as a historical figure . , it may be like this or that about. Jan.

Guillou has earned big bucks and many bloggers on the Internet have accused him to pull the wool over people’s eyes . In the media , historians have responded to questions about Arn and historical truth , even after the film premiered . But cracking down on small inaccuracies in the film about Arn might not make much sense . The crossbow was not quite as big and powerful as they looked like in the movie is a trifle . Other historians have pointed out that – as it is written in the older Västgöta Act – could be sentenced to 20 years in monasteries for sexual intercourse before marriage, as happened with Cecilia . Man convicted was fined. Nor that young novices were trained in martial arts in the monasteries. An equally important criticism has centered on how a yard – like Varnhemsgatan – was handled . It generates a petty picture under criticism ; in the 1100s , there were slaves or servants who worked and toiled on the farm, absolute not the upper class who Arns parents represent ; husbon – on and his wife. It’s simply a little too modern. But the main question is still: Feels image of a Swedish 1100 ‘s credible ? There, several researchers is an unqualified yes! Yes, in the sense that the story captivates and touches us , it feels historically acceptable and we came from both closer to the people who were our ancestors (to put a little solemn ) and closer to an understanding of our own time, for the simple reason that most narratives , whether they attract in the future or in a time period , reflecting their own time.
• Let’s begin by stating that no equivalent to Arn never existed in real life. Nevertheless testify gui – der at the tourist office in Skara about tourists who firmly believe that Arn existed in real life, he is a historical figure . The good story’s power over the senses is great. But what is the desire for historical roots and their national roots , this belief reflects ?
• The book and the movie, what ‘s the difference? The book contains , in fact, quite a bit of action . Instead writes Guillou -cluded about monastic life , on horses and hunting (of course ) , agricultural technology and theology , and not least of medieval cuisine. But perhaps the film more emphasizes battle. What other differences can be found between the book and movie – for those of you who ‘ve read?
Academy vs. fiction Historians conduct research in the academic discipline . Novelist writes fiction, sometimes pure imagination , other times with a more effective soil. But what then is the difference between a scientist and a writer of historical novels ? Both are interested in the order and explores the past. The researcher looking for facts which are confirmed , the author has the right to freely romancing around the historical material . To answer historian Peter Englund on the question: ” The historian’s domain , it is knowable . , He or she must always halt when sources gaps grow holes . However, this is the moment that the novelist waiting . , It is his right – I was writing duty – to fabu – clay, to extend into , through , over these white spots and black holes. This play with the unknowable is of course one of the things that makes the historical novel entitled . ” The libraries also testify how the books about Arn broadened interest in history among a wide public , as well as was previously the case for Herman Lindqvist’s series about Swedish history and to some extent, thanks to writers like Peter Englund and others. For example, the Medieval week in Visby very popular and in the area around Car -opment and Horn Lake Fortresses Pilgrims large crowds to the historic sites in the wake of Arn .
• Undoubtedly Arn contributed to a rising interest in history in Sweden . Do you think the same applies to the Holy Land


it , therefore, today’s Middle East and Arab cultures clean ?
1100s was a dynamic time . Sweden was another bon- desamhälle but frälseståndens emergence created the breeding ground for large farms and the still modest that trade increased . Christianity , Mission, began to increasingly assert itself , it was built monasteries and churches as never before. And they managed to establish a pin subdivision from the first half of the 1100s. A new era was against an old Viking ättesamhälle , what would become Sweden stabilized in a national unity during a statsbä ruling monarchy . But the battle over the kingship was fierce between different factions or clans , especially the busy – going and Sverker . ( We do not know if they called themselves so , they have in recent times been named after the principal of each family . ) There was still a so-called electoral monarchy, the succession was, in other words, constantly insecure. Sweden and the Nordic countries developed , Europeanisation was , in direction towards a tort and privilegiesamhälle . Although the king’s power was not as great as it attracted quite apparently and it was a real circulation of kings at this time . Allowing choose himself king was, in other words a real risk businesses , King Sverker was murdered in Östergötland around 1156, King Eric was chopped to death in Uppsala 1160, Magnus in Örebro in 1161 and , as we saw in the movie, King Charles Sverkersson on Visingö 1167 . At the same must be said that we know infinitely little about what really happened during this time.


The source material is small and consists of rune stones besides narrative sources that Snorri Sturluson’s Heimskringla and Saxo’s Danish history, both from the 1200s. For example, St. Erik , Sweden’s national saint and founder of the Houses of Erik dynasty , we know only two things. He was hailed as king in 1158 in Västergötland , and he shortly thereafter underwent a violent death. The rest are myths and legends , largely fabricated during the 1800s national nalistiskt colored , romantic view of history . It must be said that what we have written about the history of Sweden excludes everything north of Uppsala ancient mounds. Norrland and Sami history in the area around the Torne Valley was rich but not relevant here.
• Family Feuds , monastic and crusade to the Holy Land ,
all told a charged action drama about the dynamic Swedish 1100s , a time when Sweden was fashioned ; which picture it gives us of Swedish history ? Is it consistent with what is in the school textbook ? Are we closer to the story as it is told through the people of flesh and blood , when we can almost identify with the books / film’s main characters ?
• A history teacher probably says that it is important to know their history and there is sometimes talk of the risk of a widespread lack of history . But in what way is it important to history ? And what lies in the concept of being history- ?
• The German philosopher Oswald Spengler (d. 1936) wrote: ” In history there is no permanent and universal. ” Therefore , there are no absolute truths that will always apply. So Whose history are we talking about ? What is history, what is important to highlight the story? It was förhoppligen long ago that Sweden’s history was its kings ! The view of history changes over time depending on what we value as important to know . How much effort the pupils put down on learning source criticism ?
• Is it possible to seriously argue that we learn anything from history? Are there any good examples ?
• Several modern , young states in the world often seek to high and low unearth a history that documents the self-presence . We see it in the example of Israel in relation to occupied Palestinian territory and in Serbia in relation to Kosovo. History creates legitimacy and is thus in clear political purposes. And that is as familiar win – clean write history . Are there other examples in our present in a similar procedure ?
• Set designer Anna Asp has cleverly built up what is in the cinematic context usually called production design , set design thus including all the props, costumes . It creates zeitgeist but how do we look at the language of film ?

We know very little about how the Swedish language was spoken in the 1100s . Screenwriter Hans Gunnarsson has sought to find a balance between a language we understand , but that does not sound too modern type . Has he succeeded?
• In scenes from the Holy Land are depicted meeting and comb –

pen between Christian and Arab culture . Jan Guillou is known as a commentator on issues concerning the conflict in the Middle East , especially the Israel- Palestine. Do you think it shows in the movie? Taking the film in any way position between Christians and Muslims ?

When Christianity came to Scandinavia , it is hardly a comforting and for his poor parish members achy church we meet in the Arn Tempelrid user. Rather, punitive and power hungry church that intrigues for power associated with different maktkonstellatio – down , and maintaining a social morality with tough on those who talk back . Both Bishop Bengt and abbedis -san Rikissa on Gudhem have hard hands and do not put your fingers in between. Milder and more fervent in their faith are the two Cistercian – sermunkar who have the responsibility to educate and teach the young Arn in all manner of skills on Varnhems monastery. At the same time meant they moved from continent monks to education and new knowledge came to Sweden . When Arn via Rome arriving to the Holy Land as the tem- pelriddare stating that in the context of the Crusades conquest ra and defend a Christian sovereignty over Jerusalem, the meetings he ‘s Muslim leader Saladin Yussef . Arn saves him and his friend escape a pursuing band of robbers . They start talking and between them developed if not friendships as mutual respect and esteem . This despite the fact that they stand on opposite sides in the battle for Jerusalem. Saladin is as handsome and soap phages and upright as ever Arn . So the spirit of Guillou’s trilogy and maybe even in the file but are clear : to convey the idea that Muslims and Christians have the same value and therefore the same rights.
• What does it mean to have faith and follow an inner conviction ? That sport and politics belong together , ultimately we have realized , but what about religion and politics? What role religion plays in our lives? Humans have always lived with some form of religion, can we even imagine a society without religion ? What would come in its place ?
• People in most cultures have a belief in some higher being , they just have different names, either in the case of ” God “, ” Allah “, ” Shiva ” or more primitive gods of primitive people . But what really sets ? By what right SAT ‘s , some on high horse and claim that their particular god is the right one?
• There is a crusade against dissidents all around the world, Africa has its regulars contradictions, in the West it speaks a lot about the War on Terrorism , proclaimed by President Bush with the support of strong religious lobby groups. What similarities and differences exist? Fundamentalists are found in all groups , it claims to include the single and pure truth that makes a religion dangerous?
• The Church and the church’s men is often prepared in a negative light in the film. It’s almost like something out of a bran – ché . Do you agree ? Why is it , we have become so secular and lariserade in Sweden ? Are there positive depictions ?
Sources Gustafsson, Harald ; Nordic history – a European region over 1200 years , Studentlitteratur 1997 www.wikipedia.se www.peterenglund.com historian Peter Englund’s home page with the article search and more. Utgren , Lennart; In Arn ‘s footsteps , Publisher 2002 Magazine Popular history No 12/2007
Sweden , Germany, Denmark , Norway & Finland 2007 Producer : Waldemar Bergendahl Screenplay: Hans Gunnarsson Director: Peter Flinth Photo: Eric Kress Production Designer: Anna Asp Costume: Kiki Ilander Editor: Sören Ebbe & Anders Villadsen Music: Tuomas Kantelinen

Technical data Length: 123 minutes Format : Cinemascope 1:2,35 Sound: Dolby DTS Censorship : From 11 years Swedish release : December 25, 2007
Distribution SF Film , 169 86 Stockholm, tel 08-680 35 00 , fax 08-680 37 83 , sffilm@sf.se www.sffilm.se
Editors : Per Ericsson , Children & Youth , Swedish Film Institute , January 2008
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