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arnthemoviepicThere is a big future for slot games based on movies.  Even with licensing issues, some games even mimic classic movies.  One of those movie games is Relic Raiders which is a mixture of the Tomb Raider game and movie franchise and The Raiders of the Lost Ark films.

Relic Raiders is a slot machine game that you can play on the internet. If, as a player, you enjoyed Tomb Raider, than this game will be just as exciting. A player not only has the chance to win cash, but also hunt for a variety of buried treasure. This slot machine game is very complex and yet simple, all at the same time. The more coins you add in, the more reels you can play and bet on.  These movie type games are also found for mobile services and can be located at resource sites like this one

With this game you have two options. A player can play for free or use real money. If a player chooses to use real money, he or she can bet anywhere from a penny to 50 cents. For each pay line, the player can choose up to 4 coins. In total, there can be up to 50 lines, which means about 200 coins.

When going from left to right, a payout will happen when everything matches up. There is only one exception to this rule. That exception being the treasure chest, and that can go any direction. If a player gest the witch symbol, it can be used in substitution for any other symbol, accept for the treasure chest. This also means that the witch symbol cant be used to start nay bonus game rounds either.

A player can have only one bonus game round per spin. If a player has at least three bonus raiders relic on the table and they are matched up, than witch symbol bonus game can begin.

As each game begins, the player can pick the number of lines. He or she can also change the value of the coins being placed for betting. If a player uses the maximum bet line, than he or she doesn’t need to do anything. The game will reset automatically.

Other movie games, both licensed and non-licensed replicas, can be found here  Australians will also find some of their classic films turned into games if they play here.

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